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New (1500cms.com) 02/12 Template Available
The NUCC approved the following transition timeline
- January 6, 2014: Payers begin receiving and processing paper claims submitted on the revised 1500 Claim Form (version 02/12).
- January 6 through March 31, 2014: Dual use period during which payers continue to receive and process paper claims submitted on the old 1500 Claim Form (version 08/05).
- April 1, 2014: Payers receive and process paper claims submitted only on the revised 1500 Claim Form (version 02/12). This timeline aligns with Medicare's transition timeline.

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Save each Patient as an Individual File!

Our Templates are tested and work with Adobe Reader Version XI (11.0.04), (users must have the current version) get the current version at http://get.adobe.com/reader/

If you are not using the latest version you will experience problems. The biggest problem clients face is having out of date software. Adobe updates also include very important security updates. 

Do not open 1500cms.com templates in your web browser or "stock" PDF readers. Use Adobe Reader XI (11.0.04 for best results.

When printing select "Actual Size" (please review image below)

Important: "Choose paper source PDF page size" this option should be checked with some configuration. Please try both "unchecked" and "checked" to determine the best for your settings. 

If your print screen does not look like the one below ↓↓↓ then you do not have the current version of Adobe Reader. You must download free at  http://get.adobe.com/reader/

Question: Can users transfer the template to other computers? In otherwords, can the template be shared with multiple computers?
Answer: Yes, We do not restrict the use of the 1500cms template for use on only one computer. Users can use the template on any computer in the office even at the same time. User software agreement does restrict the use of the form with other offices. Your license will be for your office alone.
gigi92064 (signed in using yahoo) I'm having a problem that the 32a box and 33a box the numbers are not fully printing, they seem to fade out. Any suggestions? @Joe, Hi Joe, Each template is designed for desired use. Template two: will only print on blank paper & Template one: will only print the form fields to be used with the "RED" forms.

On May 15 03:40

If I get Template two: Print entire Template (Only when printing on blank paper), can I use Template one: Print on Pre-Printed Form (Used with CMS 1500 "Red" Forms)in case I ever get the "Red" Forms?

On Feb 06 00:50

Check your printing setting, also make sure you have the latest adobe reader.
Important: Set print scaling to"Actual Size" or "NONE" then Print. Save.
Also make sure you have an updated version of adobe reader. Update Adobe Reader here get.adobe.com/reader/

On Feb 06 00:33

I downloaded your trial version and when I printed it the text was close but not quite perfectly centered on the 1500 form. I tried it multiple times, carefully loaded the paper, double checked the printer settings, and it was still off by about 2 mm. Suggestions? Thanks

On Jan 09 14:33

@Janelle, Adobe Reader is FREE, Even the newest XI version. Reader is different then Adobe Acrobat, and is all that is necessary to use 1500cms template. We offer 2 different forms....... Template one: Print on Pre-Printed Form (Used with CMS 1500 "Red" Forms)
Template two: Print entire Template (Only when printing on blank paper)

Do you use pre-printed forms? If not I will send you our second form, this will print the background of the form.

On Jan 09 02:51

I have the latest version of Adobe Reader X. Will it work with this version? The XI version is $200. I am able to save the form under a different name, but the form is blank. Is there a phone number for technical support?

On Jan 08 13:58

@JANELLE, Its very important you have the latest version of Adobe Reader (Adobe Reader XI (11.0) (or similar pdf reader) download at http://get.adobe.com/reader/) the older versions do not work well with new templates. Then go to "File" and "Save as" and save the file as a new PDF.

On Jan 08 03:14

Can you please explain how to save the form for each individual patient/client? I am unable to save the form at all once I add information to it.

On Jan 04 20:44

@eileen, 1500CMS.com offers a template that will print on blank paper if you do not use the hcfa refilled form. 1500cms V4.7 template will print on blank paper. Follow the same instruction as form 4-6. (I will send you that version)

On Jan 04 20:27

I guess I choose the incorrect PDF on the check-out process. Is there one PDF form that I do not need the original 1500 paper form to print on, and that have all the fields filled so I only need to print? Will I be able to enter the information and print onto my HICF forms so I can snail mail to Medicare?

Q: "I can not download the CMS 1500 template, because I need approval."
A: Approval to access the form is issued within 30 minutes of purchase, this approval is issued to the email address you purchased the form with. If you would like to use a different email to access please email support.

Q: Can I save multiple copies of completed forms?
A: Yes, Unlimited copies can be made within your organization with your purchase.

Q: What is the Form CMS-1500?
A: Click the image Below for a overview of the HCFA 1500 form

New Template Version 02/12 Available Now
Its never been easier to print on a prefilled Template with1500cms V 2 is capable of printing from any computer Windows or Mac!

Having Trouble Printing Form? View Our How To Page at http://www.youtube.com/1500cms